Ready to be a panda?

Perks & Goodies

  • Founding employee equity and ownership
  • A great workspace in SOMA
  • Access to the best curated downtempo hip-hop station on Pandora
  • Endless supply of panda-themed trinkets, goodies, and apparel
  • Access to True Ventures University and hobnobbing at Founders Den
  • Frequent eats and treats, both healthy and decadent
  • Competitive startup salary and benefits
  • Visa transfers or US relocation assistance considered


...are a golden unicorn panda and you know it

...may not be convinced enterprise is sexy, but building real products for real money has an irresistible allure

...are hungry for the challenge of building a product and company from ground up a team that takes their work seriously, but not themselves

...understand the difference between being employee 5, 25, and 250

...crave the loop that occurs when you iterate based on user feedback and metrics

Product Engineer


  • Your coding chops are something fierce
  • You prefer code to be DRY, like your martinis
  • Your toolbelt is impressive but never complete
  • You can crank out entire features from top to bottom
  • You measure success in active users and revenue, not installs or eyeballs
  • You’ve turned prototypes into production and vice versa
  • Your career goal is to create valuable products, not billable hours
  • You can’t stand reinventing the wheel or any modern conveyance
  • You stare big fuzzy problems down and make them blink first
  • You do it all for the lulz
  • You dig PostgreSQL, Ruby, CoffeeScript, Backbone.js, and SASS

UI Designer


  • You can translate words, concepts and feelings into design, why can’t everyone?
  • You believe a pixel left untouched is a crime against technology
  • If your style guide isn’t gospel, you’re not going to church
  • Yes there’s a big difference between RGB, CMYK and pantone, and it better be right – or else
  • If you could have dinner with anyone alive or dead, it would be Edward Tufte
  • Where others see an error message, you see an object in need of love
  • You know the difference between an apostrophe and a symbol of measurement, and people that don’t know it drive you crazy
  • You know that laying out a line of type involves more than just typing it into the computer
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